Innovation is as core to our success as it is to our partners’. It’s woven into our company fiber, powered by sophisticated R&D and instrumental not only in keeping market pace, but setting it.

A history of pushing

How do you escape the confines of the ordinary? How do you create meaningful differentiation in a mature pasta marketplace? You do it with a partner unafraid to push boundaries—one that understands innovation is your key to distinction.

That’s what you’ll find at Philadelphia Macaroni Company. We’re your agile business partners and problem solvers, ready to tackle your greatest brand obstacles and create manufacturing innovations for your marketplace successes.

The experience and expertise
to turn challenge into opportunity

We’re a team of food professionals born into pasta and five generations in the making. From each generation to the next, we’ve passed along a cultivated technical knowledge founded on a commitment to superior R&D.

This knowledge distinguishes and emboldens our approach, creating value for our partners which cannot be overstated. Countless pasta innovations are a direct result of our commitment to collaborative development. And it’s how we’ve become the indispensable partner to so many of the world’s top brands. They know our experience and expertise in both the traditional and the novel results in the breakthroughs needed to turn challenges into opportunities.

A century of innovative solutions

Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup

The pasta development pipeline was, in fact, a bridge

In the 1920s, Camden, New Jersey-based Campbell Soup Company ran into texture and bite-quality issues when developing pasta for their famed Alphabet Soup. But solutions were to be found across the bridge, at Philadelphia Macaroni Company.

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Sustainable & Regenerative Pasta

Sustainable & Regenerative Pasta

Our vertical supply chain supplies sustainability

Perhaps the best-known brand in organic foods wanted to offer a truly farm-to-fork story. That meant being able to source identity-preserved wheat from specific farmers and track the grain every step of the way, from the fields all the way to consumers. This was no small task. And it was further complicated by the need to maintain established quality standards at a smaller scale while still preserving traceability. Stumped, the renowned label turned to us.

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Legume-based IQF Pasta

Legume-based IQF Pasta

CPG marketer keeps pulse with key market trends

As healthful, pulse-based pastas grew in popularity, marketers sought adaptations to meet consumers’ demand for convenience. These two key trends—healthfulness and convenience—were exactly what a major CPG marketing team needed to achieve with their microwaveable lentil pasta.

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