Sustainable & Regenerative Pasta

Oct 25

Our vertical supply chain supplies sustainability

Perhaps the best-known brand in organic foods wanted to offer a truly farm-to-fork story. That meant being able to source identity-preserved wheat from specific farmers and track the grain every step of the way, from the fields to the milling facility, through the manufacturing and packaging process and all the way to consumers. This was no small task. And it was further complicated by the need to maintain established quality standards at a scale while still preserving traceability. Stumped, the renowned label turned to us and our vertical supply chain.

Our wholly owned subsidiary, Minot Milling, just happens to be one of the nation’s largest organic millers. We leveraged our organization’s talent to optimize the yield of the wheat—difficult given the scale of the mill. The fully traced wheat was then packaged and transferred to our plant, where it was both processed into the selected shape and specially packaged for the customer. The result? A marketing moment that defines the brand’s unyielding commitment to its organic authenticity.