Legume-based IQF Pasta

Dec 4

CPG marketer keeps pulse with key market trends

As healthful, pulse-based pastas grew in popularity, marketers sought adaptations to meet consumers’ demand for convenience. These two key trends—healthfulness and convenience—were exactly what a major CPG marketing team needed to achieve with their microwaveable lentil pasta. But there was a problem.

Their lentil-pasta formulation couldn’t withstand the strenuous blanching process, preventing it from providing an al dente texture. The CPG team toiled for two years before bringing their IQF pasta challenge to us.

Our R&D team quickly redeveloped the lentil blend and adapted a precook process to produce the desired texture. The operational team then installed modified equipment to allow for the mass-scale commercialization and launch of the new lentil pasta. Then, only three months in, a new request came: attain the trending Gluten Free status and meet its rigorous testing. No problem. In fact, we went from initial request to market in an astonishing six months, delivering a successful and innovative new offering exceeding all expectations.

What’s more, thanks to our collaboration, the CPG marketing group received the IFT Award for Best New Product.