From traditional classics to the latest consumer trends, you can rely on our experience, processes and technical expertise to make any pasta possible.

A long tradition of pasta innovation

At Philadelphia Macaroni Company, we’ve spent over 100 years doing more than perfecting pasta. We’ve spent that time developing some of pasta’s greatest innovations. We’ve put alphabets into cans and instant noodles into cups. We’ve developed entire process lines to turn challenger brands into household names. And we’ve invented solutions to help the next generation of pasta labels turn legumes into linguine. Experienced problem solvers, we work hand in hand with partners to bring them new opportunities for success.


Research & Development

Crucial to Ensuring Your Success

For us, R&D is a collaborative effort. We’ll bring our many decades of experience as we work hand in hand with your R&D team to find innovative solutions to previously unmet challenges.

From our starch expertise to or our mastery of pasta-making parameters, we know how to deliver final products that both serve your applications and meet your consumers’ quality expectations.

It’s this degree of methodical R&D—and our investment in your success—that continually powers our ability to create new opportunities for many of the world’s largest brands. And it leaves us with an ever-expanding library of pasta-making knowledge.

  • Ingredients & Blends

    Consumer trends and calls for healthfulness have driven much of pasta’s evolution. Our deep understanding of the food-marketing industry ensures you can react to and even anticipate each. Whether from a pulse-derived flour or high-fiber semolina blend proprietary to your brand, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and know-how to make the pastas your consumers will love.

  • Shapes

    While we stock hundreds of dies at each factory, we’ll also work with you to design custom pasta shapes that make your brand stand out. Everything from the complexity of the shape to your packaging choice, ingredient blend and more is considered. The result is a consistent consumer experience you can be proud to put your name on.


High Integrity Across All Applications

From shape and raw material to process and more, we have the knowledge, experience and engineering ability to manufacture high-performing products with the integrity needed for any application. It’s why customers place so much confidence in us; they know we consistently deliver pasta solutions that achieve their demands and exceed their consumers’ expectations.

  • Application
    • Industrial Ingredients
      • Retort, Soups & Meals
      • Baby Food
      • Skillet Meals & Side Dishes
      • Instant & Microwaveable
      • Individually Quick Frozen
    • Foodservice
      • Traditional
      • Individual Quick Frozen
      • Salad
      • Steam Table
  • Shape
    • Tubes & Twists
    • Elbows & Shells
    • Small Pastas
    • Long Goods
    • Noodles
    • Specialty Pastas
  • Raw Material
    • Traditional Flours
      • Durum Wheat
      • Hard Red Spring
      • Specialty or Patent Flour Blends
    • Health & Wellness
      • Alternative-Flour Pastas
      • Organic
  • Sustainable Sourcing

    To learn more about our sustainably sourced ingredients, please follow this link to our wholly owned subsidiary, Minot Milling.

Co-Manufacturing & Contract Packaging

The Safety and Infrastructure Protecting Your Label

In today’s commercial food-production landscape, marketers and consumers highly value safety. Like flavor or texture, it’s an essential feature that strengthens a brand and builds consumer trust.

At Philadelphia Macaroni Company, your brand’s reputation is at the top of the list of our priorities. It’s how we’ve nurtured and expanded so many long-lasting partnerships. Because as proud as we are of the qualities of our pastas, we’re just as proud seeing your trusted name on the label.

This food safety focus combined with our infrastructure investments bring you the process efficiencies needed to get your products from our manufacturing lines and into your customers’ hands in as little time as possible. And we deliver a level of consistency that ensures your pasta arrives to its destination in perfect condition—just as it left our factory.

  • Packaging & Custom-Packing Solutions
    • Industrial: Corrugated Tote, Reusable Tote, Box Packaging and More
    • Branded, Retail & Private Label: Pouch, Bag, Box, Flexible Packaging and More
      • Individual and Family Size Mac and Cheese
      • Meal Kits
      • Carton: Lasagna
      • Bag: Noodles, Long and Short Goods
    • Food Service
      • Products: Individually Quick Frozen and Steam Table
      • Bags
  • Available Certifications
    • BRC Certified
    • Organic
    • Kosher
  • Capacity

Let’s Work Together to Solve Your Toughest Challenges

I’ve been surrounded by pasta since childhood, trained by the generations of pasta innovators who came before me. And it’s with great enthusiasm that I carry my family’s legacy forward. Because every day, there are new challenges to embrace and overcome.

To me, nothing is more rewarding than working closely with a partner—new or from a decades old relationship—to help find unique solutions to any challenges brought our way. Whether crafting new recipes for your custom application or developing specialty dies for a new family of shapes, I know the end result will always be the same. A pasta product you and I both can be proud of.

Join me in elevating your brand as we partner to advance the art and science of pasta making.


Luke Marano Jr., CEO

The opportunities for your brand are nearly endless. Let’s explore them together.

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