For over a century, we’ve stood as the innovative partner behind many of the world’s greatest pasta development and marketing successes.

Where old-world tradition meets cutting-edge innovation

Philadelphia Macaroni Company is a fifth-generation family owned business renowned for our history of pushing boundaries and seeing the opportunity that lies within our partners’ most difficult pasta challenges.

For an international customer base, we develop and manufacture all styles of dry, frozen and specialty pastas for industrial, branded retail and foodservice applications. Additionally, we offer full vertical integration through our milling division, Minot Milling. All pasta and milling facilities are BRC, Kosher and Organic Certified and designed to meet the demand for both traditional pasta products and those designed to capitalize on emerging market trends.

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There are two constants
in the world of pasta making.

Evolution and Philadelphia Macaroni Company. And we stand proud as the driving force behind much of that evolution. For over 100 years, one generation has passed their pasta-making knowledge to the next not just to be implemented, but to be grown and expanded upon. It’s this generational expertise—now compounded over five generations—that allows us to find marketplace success for partners large and small the world over.

Work with us and you’ll find we’re daring, bold and unafraid to confront any pasta challenge—we’ll never take a step back when it takes two steps forward to create something new and unique.

It’s this philosophy that’s earned us a reputation not just as pasta professionals, but as pasta innovators. And it’s this philosophy that’s seen us persevere and move the industry forward as competitors have come and gone. Because when you’ve spent as long as we have advancing the art and science of pasta making, you know innovation is key to driving stronger business results for your customers.

When you engage Philadelphia Macaroni Company,
you get more than a pasta maker.

You get an agile business partner and problem solver. And you get a team ready to work hand in hand with you, fully invested in elevating your brand’s reputation and ensuring your marketplace success. Because as proud as we are of our accomplishments, we’ll be even more so of yours.

It’s why customers spanning the globe choose to work with us. We have a long history of pushing boundaries and defining new ones as we study marketplace challenges to engineer lasting solutions. These traits combine with a supply chain configured to bring your products to market with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a resolute concern for quality assurance and brand protection.

Join us as we continue to combine old-world tradition with cutting-edge innovation to create the pasta marketplace of the future.

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