Zerega Wins a Shamrock Award

Nov 19

Each year, Zerega exhibits at the Shamrock Foods Expo, a food show for operator customers. If you read “PMZ Hits Two (Virtual) Trade Shows”, you’ll know that 2020 has become the year of online exhibitions. The Shamrock event was one of many that adapted to a virtual setting this year – but that didn’t stop its annual awards presentation, which spotlights booths from the prior year’s Expo that spans across 4 locations. Zerega’s booth was named 2019 Dry Grocery Expo Booth of the Year!

To pull off an award-winning booth, Zerega partnered with Shamrock Foods and our local broker network to prepare two different dishes for visitors to try. The dishes were prepared in typical foodservice fashion: the pasta was cooked and chilled, and then added to heated sauce and served. The first sample was a classic and beloved penne and marinara combination. The second was a spin on Asian-style noodles, using 3/16th fettucine (a thick noodle, like a wider linguine) served with a red curry sauce made with coconut milk. Vegetarian and vegan dishes have been trending over the years, and the goal of these two booth dishes was to inspire menu items for Zerega’s customers.

Exhibiting at the Shamrock Foods Expo is a great way for organizations to display their products and highlight their quality, features, and benefits, while simultaneously fostering relationships with new and old customers. Plus, cooking product in the booth turns it into an action station, which generates great energy on the trade floor – and leads to an award that signifies hard work pays off!