• Shape: Linguini
  • Description: With a name derived from the Italian for “little tongues,” linguini are long cuts of pasta with elliptical, rather than flat, cross sections. Along with their narrower widths, the elliptical cross sections most distinguish linguini from fetuccini, and afford the pasta a firm, al dente bite. Use with pesto or other oil-based sauces, chicken dishes and more.



A pasta's ingredient blend is a major factor in determining its application suitability. To ensure pastas meet your needs, reference the ingredients used in its manufacture, in many cases, blends can be customized to your specifications.


Different shape and ingredient blends define a pasta's characteristics, which may include cook time, processing durability and more. Applications describe the most suitable and common uses for various pastas.


For linguine, wall-thickness measurements are taken using either precision calipers or point micrometers.


The widths of linguine are determined as the widest distances that can be measured across the noodles, perpendicular to their lengths. Measurements are taken using precision digital calipers.


The lengths of linguine are determined as the distances between ends. Depending on required lengths, measurements are taken using either precision rulers or tape measures.


To assure specified moisture, two batch samples are ground, weighed, heated in an air oven, placed in a desiccator and then re-weighed. Results are validated using two moisture validation machines.



Foodservice, Retail, Steam Table


Flour: Semolina, Hard Red Spring, Other Hard Wheat Flours, Whole Wheat, Vegetable Powder, Lentil Flour, Other Custom Flours

Egg: Whole Egg, Egg White, Egg Yolk

Additives: Enriched, Unenriched, Vegetable Additives, Vegetable Slurry, Myvaplex, Wheat Protein Isolate

Thickness 0.045"
Width 0.09"
Length 5", 10", 20"
Moisture 12%

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