Pasta Trends Into 2021

Jan 18

Pasta is one of the most popular restaurant dishes in the world. It’s an incredibly versatile food that spans a wide range of cuisines, lifestyles, and budgets. The reasons for this popularity are constantly shifting—so which trends are the drivers going into 2021?

First and foremost, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shifted the way we live, work, and dine. As dining in all but halted, customers turned to take out, delivery, or cooking at home. The pasta retail sector immediately saw growth for both dry and fresh pasta, and the world of restaurant carryout saw a shift to comfort food: pizza, desserts, and pasta.

Though it may seem as though nutrition was put on the backburner for many consumers, the healthy, doctor-favored Mediterranean Diet is also seeing a surge in popularity. Many people are choosing this option over fad diets like keto due to the health benefits in a year when staying well has become increasingly important. This diet includes a lot of vegetables, seafood, lean meat, and whole wheat, with whole grain pasta being an ingredient in many of the recipes.

The third key driver in pasta popularity is the rise of plant-based diets. As consumers focus on healthier lifestyles, many turned to plants as their main source of nutrients. A plant-based diet also has a tremendous impact on the environment, as meat processing is one of the major contributors to global warming. 2020 brought a renewed focus on activism, and choosing veganism or vegetarianism was one of the ways consumers could make a difference from the safety of home.

Pasta has been experiencing a renaissance for several years now, and 2020 only accelerated its growth. Its versatility, comfort, and health benefits should help take this popularity into 2021, but it’s important that we continue to innovate and create new ways for your consumers to… well… consume. Because if this year has taught us anything, it’s that we never know what’s just around the corner.

Reference: Zuanelli, Carl. “Changing Food Trends Fuel Pasta Popularity.” The Food Institute, 29 July 2020,