“Out-of-This-World” Spirals

Oct 2

In April 2020, A. Zerega’s Sons (Zerega) officially became a subsidiary of the Philadelphia Macaroni Company (PMC). Zerega is a well-respected and prominent manufacturer of dry pasta for the Foodservice, Industrial, and Retail channels – and it has a relationship with NASA as an occasional pasta supplier.

Often, Lockheed Martin and NASA representatives build connections with suppliers at trade shows. Zerega has been donating Tri-Vane Spirals with 3% Egg White to NASA for a few years now, shipping the organization a sample case once or twice a year for preparation and consumption aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The pasta, like most space food, goes through a thermostabilization process before it is consumed by the astronauts. Thermostabilization, in this case, is a preservation process that uses heat to destroy any harmful microorganisms or enzymes in the food before it is consumed. Currently, the pasta on deck includes Zerega’s 1.5-inch spirals incorporated into both a pesto meal as well as a tuna noodle casserole; other pasta dishes include minestrone soup made with small shells, and chicken noodle soup with 2% egg white fettucine. NASA offers nearly 70 different thermostabilized foods as well as a variety of freeze-dried goods, totaling over 250 comforting menu options for astronauts to choose from as they prepare for launch. Houston, we’ve got a pasta!

Zerega’s Tri-Vane Spirals with 3% Egg White