Luke Sr. Would be Proud: A Reflection on 2020

Dec 18

Luke Sr. would be proud of how well PMC reacted to the events of 2020. How his employees recognized the immense responsibility of being essential during a pandemic, and manned the factories and offices to continue servicing our customers and keeping shelves stocked across the country.

Luke Sr. would be proud of how we embraced the unique challenges of the Zerega acquisition. The integration of two family organizations, coming together in 2020 to supply all sectors of the pasta marketplace: Dry, Frozen, Retail, Industrial, and Foodservice.

Luke Sr. would have been proud of the way the Vermylens ran their business – the way they treated their employees and operated their factories. He would have wanted us to understand, so we worked tirelessly to keep operations smooth while preparing our companies to merge into one large family.

Luke Sr. would be proud of how we actively seek positive changes, understanding inclusion and the need for diversity. He would be proud of our ability to learn and evolve in a year like no other.

Luke Sr. loved leadership, and he would be proud to see how we have embraced it. Our leaders lead loudly, building strong and successful teams.

Luke Sr. would be so proud of the mill, the pasta manufacturing plants, and their management teams. Our continued pushes for improvement in process and quality, striving to be the best we can be even in the midst of a pandemic.

Luke Sr. would be proud to be part of these historic accomplishments, to see us grow as 1 PMZ, realizing our full potential with both caution and enthusiasm.

Luke Sr. would be proud – proud of what Philadelphia Macaroni Company has become, and proud to watch how the Company will grow in the years to come, 2021 and beyond.

Luke Marano Sr. at PMC’s 100-Year Anniversary in 2014.