Cooking Up Something New

Jan 2

It’s with great pleasure that I can now introduce you to Philadelphia Macaroni Company’s brand new look and website. The team and I couldn’t be more excited, and hope you’ll enjoy both as much as we do.

But why a new website and brand look? And why now? The reasons are as numerous as the hours we put into our new brand.

At PMC, we felt strongly that our online presence should continue to grow with our company. And our company continues to grow quickly. We also wanted to own a look and feel that more accurately reflects our storied history and forward-thinking outlook. On top of that, we saw opportunities to leverage technology and build powerful new tools to further inspire our partners’ processes (check out the Pasta Navigator.)

But most importantly, the new website and brand demonstrate our commitments. To our current and future partners, with whom we’ll always work hand in hand. To being agile problem solvers, ready to tackle your greatest challenges. To ourselves, as a fifth-generation family owned business eager to honor past generations and those still to come. And to pasta innovation, without which we couldn’t be where we are today or will be tomorrow.

Never has our team been as excited for what the future of pasta holds. So, on behalf of all at PMC, welcome. Please join us as we continue to advance the art and science of pasta making.

To the future of pasta,
Luke Marano Jr. & The PMC Team