Retail Trends Into 2022

Dec 29

As we prepare for the New Year, Philadelphia Macaroni Company has been keeping an eye on consumer trend predictions for 2022. Those trends tend to fall into three categories: sustainability, health and wellness, and individual foods and flavors.


  • Consumers increasingly look to shop locally / domestically, and are gravitating towards foods that are grown using sustainable farming practices such as regenerative agriculture. PMC pasta is made with flour from our milling division, Minot Milling, which sources grain from local producers and elevators.
  • Organizations are looking to tackle their food waste responsibly, with some developing “upcycled” foods from byproducts – such as brewers’ spent grain being transformed into a high-fiber pasta!
  • Vertical farms are on the rise, and promise the production of more food on less land, and with less water. Given that global food production currently accounts for 1/3 of global greenhouse gasses (World Wildlife Fund), this is one way companies are reducing the carbon footprint of food production.

Health and Wellness

  • A continuing trend from pre-pandemic times, consumers are interested in “better for you” foods. This includes growing interest in plant-based foods and diets (supported by innovation in the plant-based protein market), and the desire to incorporate “natural” ingredients into meals and snacks. Pasta provides the perfect groundwork for a plant-based meal!
  • Vegan or vegetarian offerings are also becoming more widely available, appealing to consumers across a range of diets and dietary restrictions.
  • The H&W trend is also pronounced in the beverage sector, where there is increased focus on functional drinks – infused coffee, and drinks that support immunity and gut health, such as kombucha.

Unique Flavors

  • Consumers are seeking global flavors to spice up their diets. As the population grows and diversifies, consumers are drawn to their grocery store’s flavorful and ethnic cuisine offerings.
  • We see flavor experimentation playing a big role in the mac & cheese category. While classic cheddar remains a popular choice, top flavors also include bacon, buffalo, truffles, and jalapeno – with asiago, blue cheese, and pepper jack cheese gaining traction.

Sources: Whole Foods; Natural Products Expo East; Mintel.