Ramen Noodles

Sep 10

A healthier noodle floats to the top

As the convenience trend dominated the U.S. market, developers saw an opportunity to capitalize on a new category. But they didn’t just want to compete with a fat-fried, look-alike version of Japan’s instant ramen—they wanted a more healthful and visually appealing product.

To realize this vision, we adapted several technologies to form a new manufacturing process and create a unique noodle. We started with a laminated sheet, rolled, slit and curled in a traditional Asian style. We then then steamed the noodles to both pre-gelatinize them and develop their high-strength starch-protein matrixes. Finally, puffing and air-drying eliminated the need for frying, which not only cut the fat but also produced noodles that floated for a better appearance and eating experience.

These three innovative processes resulted in a better-for-you, better-looking, better-tasting noodle. And most importantly introduced the U.S. market to a legend—America’s first fat-free Asian noodle.