PMC EVP Appointed To NPA Chair

Apr 28

In March, Philadelphia Macaroni Company (PMC) attended the annual National Pasta Association (NPA) meeting and welcomed the NPA’s new Executive Committee, with PMC’s Executive Vice President, Nora Stabert, taking on the role of Chair. The Committee also includes Jeff Schryver (VP of Operations, 8th Avenue) as the new Vice Chair, and Jim Meyer ‎‎(President, Italgrani) continuing as Treasurer. ‎

Looking ahead, the NPA Executive Committee is excited about the bright future of pasta and the NPA’s role ‎within the industry. Stabert is the NPA’s first female Chair and brings a fresh perspective to the position.

Though Stabert formally joined the NPA in 2018, she has long felt a connection to the organization through ‎her family ties. Her father held a position on the NPA Board of Directors for 10 years, ‎with Stabert taking his seat in 2021. Moreover, her family has a reputable history in the pasta industry, ‎including her grandfather, uncles, and brother, all of whom have been involved with PMC throughout their lives and supported the growth of our organization.

NPA will be hosting World Pasta Day on October 25 ‎in conjunction with the annual convention. This event will highlight global perspectives on pasta, and ‎will aim to provide insightful opportunities personalized to its membership’s roles in their ‎professional organizations.

A major theme of this year’s annual meeting was that pasta is a vibrant, relevant category, as ‎consumers continue to celebrate their spark with pasta and its versatility as a meal base. Inspired by ‎the presentation from Steve Lerch (StoryArcConsulting) on the Modern Consumer, we see that Google ‎Trends shows exactly this! According to Google Trends, “pasta” interest is up 46% vs. five years ago, ‎and up 22% vs. this time last year. We have seen younger generations spur pasta interest and ‎sensationalize cooking at home with iconic moments including Gigi Hadid’s spicy vodka pasta recipe, ‎the viral “TikTok pasta” topped with oven-roasted tomatoes and feta cheese that caused a feta ‎shortage, and most recently Stanley Tucci’s breakfast farfalle pasta casserole that has us rethinking ‎our meal planning.‎

Ultimately, NPA leadership is focused on working towards a more resilient, robust, and relevant pasta ‎industry and taking the association to the next level. PMC is excited to provide leadership and support to the NPA as it begins a new chapter of valuable insight ‎and industry advocacy for its membership.