PMC Attends IFT 2022

Jul 27

In-person trade shows are back! For the first time since 2019, PMC attended and exhibited the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) FIRST Annual Event and Expo. From July 10 – 13, PMC joined hundreds of exhibitors from sectors across food, beverage, and related industries. Though the event attendance was scaled down from pre-pandemic levels, our commercial team noted a great turnout. PMC was pleased to see and speak with key leaders in the food industry.

At IFT FIRST, PMC unveiled our refreshed marketing materials including a brand-new trade show booth and product brochures.

Kouassi Kouakou, our VP of Research & Development, attended various technical sessions and noted the highlights and recurring themes throughout the show:

  • Increased application of plant-based proteins / meat alternatives;
  • Increased gluten-free product development, and the challenges associated with the grain-based ingredients supply chain;
  • Rise of pulse-based (e.g., chickpea) food products as an alternative diet;
  • Application of algae as a nutritional and texture contributor to dough-based products such as pasta; and
  • Impact of the war in Ukraine on food supply around the world, especially in third-world countries, with region-specific contingency plans.

Our booth-based sales team also noted fiber additives and upcycled ingredients as additional repeating themes.

Ultimately, PMC was glad to be back, and we can’t wait to see everyone at next year’s IFT event!