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Name: Pipette Rigate

SKU: 109

Category: Tubes & Twists

Pipette On Green



The Pipe family have known different variations in shape and size over time depending on the region. In Naples, for example, very big Pipe are preferred, to bake in the oven, while in the Central-Northern Italy their size gets smaller. Pipette Rigate, visibly much smaller than the Pipe, are a great shape for all occasions.
The incomparable characteristic of Pipette Rigate is that they capture the sauce and jealously hold it inside and among the narrow scoring on the outside, revealing all the magical harmony of flavours only in the mouth.
Pipette Rigate have always been considered an ideal pasta for all sauces and the whole family because children like them too because of their small and enticing shape. They go well with a simple tomato sauce which you can find among the Barilla Sauces; but if you want to try something that is really tasty and original, accompany them with green sauce and fresh flakes of Parmesan.