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Individually Quick Frozen

Individually Quick Frozen or IQF is the process of quickly freezing pasta shapes. IQF allows for tremendous flexibility. Pasta may be frozen from a raw state, partially-cooked (blanched) or fully-cooked.

Iqf Line

IQF pasta is widely used in soups, salads, meal kits, entrees, and by foodservice suppliers. From bows to O's - nearly any shape can be made as IQF pasta.


IQF pasta streamlines your operation, allowing for quicker food prep and portion control. When using fully-cooked IQF pasta, foodservice providers are often able to scale back on cooking equipment - resulting in less work-related injuries and energy savings.

Quality Consistency is one of the biggest benefits of IQF pasta. Our meticulous quality control and advanced quick- freezing system ensure the same "bite", distinct texture, and fresh homemade taste every time.


Our pastas and noodles are custom-made to your specifications. Need a greater thickness to handle a more processed application? No problem. We offer IQF pasta packaged in small bulk boxes and a variety of tote sizes.